The Bounty Bite

The Bounty Bite Cafè is open every day at Bounty Boulevard State School. Ordering is completed online through Flexischools.

Please note:

Hot Food, Sandwiches and Salads are only available via pre-order Visit: or come and see us down at the Cafe.

We encourage pre-ordering for second break, however students from all grades are able to purchase from a selection of Snacks, Drinks and Ice-Blocks from the café without pre-ordering.

All orders must be placed by 8.30am or they will not be able to be processed.

To cancel orders please phone the cafe on (07) 3482 1379 prior to 8:30am of that day.

The Bounty Bite Café is operated by the school’s P&C Committee; Flexischools are an independent company used for the purpose of ordering management only. If you have any comments or queries please come and speak to us at the Café between 8am and 2pm, Monday to Friday or contact us via email or phone to arrange a time that will suit better.

café or by phoning (07) 3482 1333.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days is The Bounty Bite open?

The café is open every day of the school week. 

How do I order lunch for my child/ren?

School lunches for first and second break are available via our online ordering system. Go to and click on ‘Register Now’ and simply follow the prompts to register (multiple children can be added on the same account). Once you have registered and signed in click on ‘Start an order’. If you need assistance at any time, with registering or placing an order, you can phone Flexischools help desk on 1300 361 769.

Your child/ren can also purchase a selection of our snacks, drinks and ice-creams from the café at second break using cash. If you have a child/ren in the Prep classes we require that you place the money in a sealed envelope, with their order written on the front and have it given to their teacher until second break to ensure that their money is not misplaced.

When do I have to put my order in?

Orders must be placed by 8:30 am on the day you are ordering for.

What happens if I miss the cut off?

If you miss the cut off time or forget to send lunch with your child, a staff member from the school will attempt to contact you, before giving approval (if given or no contact can be made) for the café to make them a vegemite or jam sandwich which will be cahrged at $4. The bill will be sent to you and payment will need to occur within 7 days.

How far in advance can I order?

Flexi-schools allows you to order for the current day, any day of the week and even weeks in advance. Repeat orders can be setup also so you don’t have to login to everyday to order the same items again and again.

If I’m volunteering at the school during a lunch break can I order lunch too?

Yes of course you can. when you log in to your flexi-schools you can add yourself by clicking on ‘Add a Student’ and follow the prompts, when you get to ‘Student Class’ tab, scroll down and select ‘Volunteer’. This will allow you to access our entire menu which may be collected from the café, or pre-arrange to have delivered in the class basket.

What can I do to help?

We welcome all constructive feed back both positive and negative, as this helps us to provide the best meals possible for all the students and staff and also help us when we are designing the next terms menu. Remember we can only improve our work when we know what needs to be improved.

You can help by volunteering in the Café during special events, the normal operational days or even just during the busy meal periods.

If your child is sick and you have placed an order for that day, you can also help by contacting the café prior to the 9am cut off time. This will allow for your order to be cancelled and be reimbursed. Other wise you will forfeit the cost of any items that are perishable eg sandwiches, wraps and hot foods. Alternatively if you pick up your child during the day after 9am and before 11am due to an unforeseen reason such as illness or family emergency, feel free to come and see us in the cafe and you may be able to take the meal with you.

We understand that time is precious, but you can still help out buy purchasing items that we regularly use in the Cafe. For instance brown paper bags, plastic teaspoons and even office supplies. Feel free to contact us for other ideas or if you have an idea that we could use your talents in make our cafe even better.

What is Smart Choices, and why do we need to be concerned?

In recent years, levels of overweight and obesity in children and young people have increased dramatically – now around a quarter of our children are overweight or obese. This is a serious issue as overweight and obesity carry a greater risk of a number of immediate and long-term health and psychosocial problems. Excess weight gain in children is usually a result of excess energy intake (kilojoules or calories) through eating too much food or the wrong types of food, combined with doing too little physical activity or being inactive for too much of the day. Food and drinks consumed by children also affect oral (dental) health and contribute to the high rates of tooth decay in Queensland children.

The development of a strategy to address the nutritional value of food and drinks supplied at school or school activities was identified as an action in the Queensland Health and Education Queensland Joint Work Plan 2004-2007. The Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools is all about offering healthy food and drink choices to students in Queensland schools.

The Role of Schools

Schools have an important role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity to students and providing an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet can improve behaviours critical to educational success and performance at school. Effective school-based nutrition and health interventions can also help improve academic performance.

Tuckshops/canteens/cafes are an important part of the school environment; they can model healthy food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable, and provide the means to put into practice nutrition messages taught in the classroom.

The Smart Choices – Foods and drinks have been classified into three categories according to their nutritional value: Green, Amber and Red. (or Traffic Light System)

  • Green ‘ Have plenty’ Encourage and promote these food and drinks.
  • Amber ‘Select carefully’ Do not let these foods and drinks dominate choices and avoid large serve sizes.
  • Red ‘Occasional’ Limit the availability of these foods and drinks to no more than two occasions per term.

You will note that there is a clear distinction between AMBER and RED categories. This is because foods in the RED category are to be available on no more than two occasions per term.

What are we doing to support this initiative at The Bounty Bite Cafe?

Here at The Bounty Bite Café we are working hard with the support of the School, the P&C Committee and our suppliers, to provide a variety of foods that are appealing, tasty, and nutritionally inline with, and supporting of, the Healthy Choices Criteria as outlined in the Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.

What can I do to support this initiative at home?

What we do now affects us in the future. Not only by positively supporting the café’s menu choices, using and following the same health guidelines at home is a great way to support this initiative. By having the foods classified as Red as an occasional treat, having Amber items occasionally and increasing the Green items such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats and low fat dairy products. Not only will this help with your child’s level of concentration at school and home but will also help with their future general health and wellbeing.

Many Websites have been setup with helpful hints and tips, such as ideas to help with encouraging and re-training people of all ages towards a healthier life style, as well as recipes that have been tried and tested by families including children.

Does this mean that foods like lollies, cakes, pies, and chips are no longer available?

Many of these types of items do not fall into the Green or Amber criteria. However due to the popularity of these items we are making some things completely home made or in smaller portion sizes so that we are able to provide them whilst still in line with the Smart Choices. Although we may not be able to provide all suggestions we encourage ideas for our menus to be passed onto the P&C Committee, or the café directly. Ideas for our menus are provided by students, parents and the school staff. Ideas can be passed on in person or via email to p& or

Where can I get more information about Healthy Choices?

There are a number of online resources available.

Information used above is provided by documentation from Queensland Government Department of Education and the Arts, Queensland Health and QAST.

Volunteering at The Bounty Bite

Can you spare 30 minutes, an hour, morning or afternoon during the week? Volunteers are needed between 9am-2pm for food preparation, counter service and general duties in our cafe. Come along and be part of our exciting team.

Last reviewed 09 October 2019
Last updated 09 October 2019