Year 4-7 Disco

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The Dilemma

Mia creates a stop animation movie to share her ethical and moral dilemma.


Tickets on Sale at the Office

Bounty Boulevard State School’s ‘The Bounty Bards’ proudly presents…Masquerade.

A Commedia dell’ Arte Musical (Comedy of Art developed in Italy in the 16th and 17th Century), set in a European village during the renaissance. It was a very ‘portable’ type of street theatre, playing mainly to the working classes in villages. It was during this time that the princes became more interested in knowledge than money, and so brought about great social change.

Our story is about the dawning of this time as it occurs to a young prince. He is to become King and is convinced that the old ways of his kingdom are not necessarily the best ways. In true Commedia style, the story of his enlightenment takes place over a single day – a day in Paradiso!

Performance Dates and Times:

Friday 22nd August 7:00pm & Saturday 23rd August 10:00am.


North Lakes State College Performing Arts Complex.


$5 per person. Tickets on sale now in the office. 8:30am – 11:30am.

Our Rainbow House news

Miss Eisentrager, who is currently volunteering in Chainda, Africa, has sent through the following Our Rainbow House news.

from Miss Eisentrager

Today Miss Eisentrager delivered an information session with the caregivers and guardians on the deadly malaria disease that affects so many of our families. The session began with the latest statistics on Malaria cases within the Chainda Compound. She highlighted the risk factors for both young children and pregnant women. The attendees learned about how the disease is contracted, the symptoms of the disease often mimicking other illnesses as well as current treatment offered through the Chainda Clinic. The guardians were then given a thorough demonstration on how to assemble, hang, care for, use and store the mosquito nets. Each guardian received a net for the children in their care. Over the next two weeks the caregivers will accompany Miss Eisentrager to inspect and/or install the nets for the guardians. They were thrilled to receive such a generous gift only made possible by Mr David Stone, a parent from Bounty Boulevard State School. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr Stone for taking such a keen interest in the welfare of our children.

Year 4-5 Disco Postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Bounty Boulevard State School’s Parents and Citizens Association has postponed the Year 4-5 Disco that was scheduled for Friday 25 July. It is planned that a Year 4-5 Disco will be held during this school term.