Semester Two Summative Reports

Emailed Wednesday 10th December 2014

The students at Bounty Boulevard State School have enjoyed an action packed year of Learning, Love and Laughter. Students have been dedicated to demonstrate their learning through a variety of experiences and assessments.  The Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Framework outlines the requirements for each Queensland state school to deliver the curriculum for Preparatory to Year Seven. In implementing the P-12 Curriculum schools are required to assess, monitor and capture student achievement.

Each semester the school provides a summative report card for all students to their parents / carers. The Semester Two report will be emailed to parents in the afternoon of Wednesday 10th December 2015. All Government schools in Queensland use the OneSchool system to generate report cards. Therefore, for your inbox to receive your child’s report, please ensure the following OneSchool email address is added to your safe sender list: If you can not see you child’s report in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder or your spam folder. Ensuring that your inbox is not over quota or unattended, will also support that you receive your child’s summative report for Semester Two. For families requiring an additional report, an email has been sent to those that were able to be sent by email. Otherwise, a paper copy of your child’s report will be available tomorrow at the school office.

Understanding Your Child’s Report Card

Students have accessed the Australian Curriculum for English, mathematics, science, geography and history.  Teachers use the C2C resources provided by the Department of Education, Training and Employment to support the Australian Curriculum. Students complete standardised assessments which are then moderated with other classes within the school and also with other local state primary schools.

In the Semester 2 summative report cards, teachers have evaluated student work based on our C2C (and if relevant, English as an Additional  Dialect (EAL/D) units) assessments tasks in English, mathematics, science, geography and history.

With the implementation of a new curriculum, report card results may also reflect students’ ‘learning curve’ in terms of the change in expectations for learning in their year level.  This is not cause for concern, as teachers are adapting and adjusting their teaching/learning to ensure that students receive the necessary prior knowledge and are supported through their learning tasks.

The current Australian curriculum has been reviewed and adjusted over the last two years, based on feedback from teachers. It is worth noting that report card results in English, mathematics, science, geography and history this semester are based on the new content descriptors and year level Achievement Standards from the Australian Curriculum. For further information on the Australian Curriculum standards visit the online curriculum at

Over recent years, parents, students and teachers across Queensland have become more familiar with a 5-point scale (e.g. A-E) process for reporting in all schools. The new system schools are using refers to attainment standards called “benchmarks of achievement” or “criteria.” So what makes an ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ etc is predetermined by a scale of achievement. Any student who shows evidence of meeting a particular level, deserves that benchmark grade.

What a “C”  grading means:

  • that the student has met the criteria for a learner to be at the appropriate age level.
  • that the student is achieving the standard at their Year Level. The best description is to say that a ‘C’ means that the student’s academic development is exactly where it needs to be for their age cohort.
  • attaining a ‘C’ for Achievement means you are ON TARGET for your age level.

To achieve a ‘B’ grading students must demonstrate a higher level of achievement. To achieve an ‘A’ grading the student must demonstrate that they are superior in their learning. Only a small number of students achieve an a standard. An ‘A’ grading is not awarded automatically to the top students in the class , but more so to the students who have achieve a high level of knowledge and understanding against a guide to making judgement.

Collect Medication from School Office

We ask parents to collect student medications from the school office on Friday 12 December. Please check the expiry date of the medication prior to returning it to school in 2015. Parents / Carers will be required to complete the “Request to Administer Medication  form at the commencement of the 2015 school year when the medication is brought back to school.

2015 Year 1-4 Footsteps Dance Lessons

In Term 1 2015, students in Years 1-4 will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting eight week dance programme with Footsteps Dance Company. This programme has been created especially by Footsteps to meet the Physical Education/ dance requirements by teaching students a range of dance styles including hip-hop, contemporary and ballroom to modern music. During the programme, students learn to dance individually and with a partner. Partner dancing is a great way to build confidence and aid social skills in students of all ages.

Students in Year 1-4 will receive a permission note early in Term 1. The cost will be approximately  $18 for the eight weeks of lessons, as well as a presentation evening. Please do not pay any money until school resumes in 2015.

Lessons will begin on 12 February 2015 and will continue every Thursday until the end of Term 1.

2015 Year 4-6 Swimming Carnival

Parents and Caregivers,

In the first week of Term 1 2015 , students in Years 4-6 will receive a permission note regarding the upcoming Bounty Boulevard State School Swimming Carnival. The details of the swimming carnival are as follows:

Date: Wednesday 11 February 2015

Time: approx. 9.30am-1.30pm

Venue: Caboolture Aquatic Centre, 1 Aquatic Centre Drive, Burpengary

Cost: approx. $10 (please do not pay any money until students receive their permission notes in 2015)

More information will be provided in the permission note. All parents will be most welcome to attend.

2015 Back to School Stationery Packs

2015 Back to School Stationery Packs lists have been distributed to all Prep to Year 5 students. The supplier for the stationery packs is newsXpress at North Lakes.

Orders can be placed;

  • in store at address, Cnr Lakefield Drive & Endeavour  Boulevard, North Lakes 4509, or
  1. Select the “School Lists” Tab at the top of the screen
  2. Select “Click here to register” and complete the registration details
  3. Select Bounty Boulevard State School
  4. Enter quantities of the items you require (0 if not required)
  5. Enter the delivery address, payment details and Submit Order

Back to School Stationery Packs Information Letter

Prep – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 1 – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 2 – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 3 – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 4 – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 5 – Back to School Stationery Pack

Year 6 – Back to School Stationery Pack