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This is the 2017 Bounty Boulevard State School STUDENT iPad Portal. Contained in this course are the suggested apps per year level that students will require when participating in the B Connected program at Bounty Boulevard State School. These apps are mandatory for children as teachers will be using these apps with the children throughout the year as part of their learning. The course will be updated periodically throughout the year as new apps become available and older apps may become redundant or problematic.

This year, the exciting initiative of Anywhere, Anytime will be introduced for all Year 3 students. This means that the Year 3 students will be operating on a 1:1 learning platform using an iPad.

This course contains important information for families on the school digital vision, compatible devices and requirements, how to get your device ready and conditions of use of mobile devices. This course also lists all the Apps (paid and free) you will need installed on your child's iPad before beginning the school year. Click on each App to be taken to the App Store for downloads.

General care of devices, Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship and iPad Tips are also contained in the course and are good points of reference throughout the school year. 

If you have any questions about the details of the course please contact Deputy Principal Mr Liam Hackwood at or class teacher Mr Blair Tomlinson .

Below are some FAQs about Anywhere, Anytime

What devices can be used?

Apple iPads are the only devices that can be used in the B Connected program. The reason for the selection is the Department of Education (DoE) supports this platform. DoE’s wireless infrastructure in schools has been configured to accommodate Apple’s mobile devices. The devices also do not present a security risk to Bounty’s network infrastructure.

All iPads used within the school are required to be able to run the most recent version of iOS. This is currently iOS 10.3.3 All iPads need to be able to run the mandatory apps which are listed within this iTunes U course.

Bounty Boulevard State School currently recommends the iPad (9.7inch) 32GB Wi-Fi enabled. 

16GB devices are available and can be used as part of the program. The memory capacity will quickly fill up though through apps, pictures and movies which can become problematic when creating new work. 

The iPad Pro is a larger device, therefore, we would encourage students to have the smaller iPad Air 2 to use. As for the iPad Mini, they are allowed to be used however surface area of the iPad Air 2 is larger which we have found is better suited for the students. 

3G and 4G enabled iPads are not to be used at school. If there is no alternative, then the sim card must be removed before the iPad is allowed to be used at school.

When and how will students be using the device at Bounty?

The device is to be used only in the classroom and Learning Innovation Centre (LIC) during learning sessions. Students will require permission from the classroom teacher to use the iPad during play breaks. It is expected that students will use their device for a range of purposes throughout all the stages of learning, such as planning, researching or finding information, creating, sharing and reflecting. It is not expected that the device will be constant use. It would be expected that the student and teacher negotiate how the device could be used to enrich a learning experience.

Are there specific apps required on the device?

A list of recommended Apps has been released on Wednesday 11 January 2017. This will then provide parents with guidance around what apps students require on their iPads for 2017. There have been some changes from previous years and this has also included the introduction of Anywhere, Anytime.

Who is responsible for the device?

The student at all times is responsible for the device. As part of  the Student iPad Participation Agreement, the student who owns the device is the only student to use the device. Whilst not in use the device should be locked in the class storeroom.

Is my child allowed to share their iPad with other students, especially those who may not be part of the B Connected program?

Referring to the previous question, the student who owns the device is responsible for the device. Therefore, the answer is no. Students are not to share their iPads with other students. If they do this, it is in breach of the B Connected agreement.

Will my child be using the iPad every day?

It is expected that the children will bring their fully charged iPad to school every day. Different class teachers will use the iPads differently. All of our teachers are being provided with support and Professional Development sessions to support the use of iPads. Like our students, our staff members are on different journeys as they learn about iPads and how to use iPads within the school.

What do I need to do for my child to participate in B Connected?

To participate in B Connected, parents/carers and the student are to sign the Student iPad Participation Agreement for 2017. We ask parents/carers to discuss the participation agreement and the consequences for not adhering to the agreement. The Student iPad Participation Agreement is returned to the office in the administration building at the start of 2017. Students are not entitled to use a personal Apple mobile device at school until the Student iPad Participation Agreement has been signed and returned to the school office. The classroom teacher or a staff member will configure the iPad to access wireless at Bounty Boulevard State School.

Where can I get technical support or assistance?

Apple provides complimentary telephone iPad technical support for 90 days from the date of purchase. This is an excellent resource to assist with setting up your iPad, purchasing apps and connecting the device to your home wireless network. Students are to inform their classroom teacher if they are unable to connect to the school wireless network. The classroom teacher will configure the B Connected Apple iPad to access wireless at Bounty Boulevard State School.

Why Year 3 in 2017?

As highlighted by Education Queensland’s Advancing Education initiative, “Our plan for advancing education will inspire students to become lifelong learners, global citizens and successful people, confidently navigating their future.” Anywhere, Anytime integrates iPads as tools for learning that provide students the necessary skillset to be prepared for their digital futures. This is therefore the opportune time to introduce a 1:1 program; as by Year 3, our students have acquired the foundations for independent learning.

Do I have to supply an iPad for my child? 

No. If you choose not to supply your child with an iPad the school will supply an iPad for your child. This iPad must remain at school, therefore the child will not be able to benefit from Anywhere, Anytime at home. 

What are the benefits of my child bringing their own iPad (BYOD)?

If your child brings their own device, they will be able to access 24/7 learning anywhere, anytime.  A seamless learning environment between home and school strengthens the opportunities for your child to engage in quality learning experiences. It also allows students the opportunity to take the initiative to prepare for future learning experiences and have accountability over this. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to regularly engage in your child’s learning anywhere, anytime not just at the school. 

Will I be expected to purchase a brand new iPad for Anywhere, Anytime? What is the recommended model?

Not necessarily. At Bounty Boulevard State School we currently use iPad Air or above as these models take the latest iOS 10 with at least 32GB of storage. Due to the release of iOS10, iPad 1 and iPad 2 will not be supported at the school.

What is leasing?

Some iPad suppliers provide assistance to customers so that they do not have to pay outright for an iPad. By going on a payment plan which might be $20 per month over 3 years, (enquire about interest, balloon payments, T&Cs). The iPad can be used day one. Some providers also allow upgrades to devices at the end of the contract (just like a mobile phone). There are many iPad providers who offer such deals.

Will Anywhere, Anytime continue past 2017?

Yes. In 2017, Anywhere, Anytime will be Year 3 only. In 2018, Anywhere, Anytime will include Year 3 and Year 4 students. Beyond 2018, the intention is to have Anywhere, Anytime fully integrated across all cohorts in Year 3 to 6.

How do I know that my child will be accessing education apps and programs on the iPad? 

With Anywhere, Anytime, your child’s device or the school owned device will be managed through a Mobile Device Management system called Lightspeed. This means that when your child’s iPad enters school grounds, it will automatically enable the Department of Education (DoE) restrictions. They will only be able to access school approved apps and websites. A separate parent permission form will be provided for parents to allow the school to manage the personal device. When your child leaves school grounds with their iPad, the settings will automatically disappear from the iPad that enable school use and prevent distractions. This is a new process which has not been part of the B Connected program and we will be measuring its success and effectiveness next year. As Anywhere, Anytime is a true 1:1 environment, the managing of the iPads is critical. B Connected is not a 1:1 environment, although, all students who are currently part of the B Connected program can only access the DoE network enabling a safe learning environment for your child.

Will there be a cost associated with the apps for Anywhere, Anytime?

No. If your child currently has all of the mandatory and recommended apps as part of the B Connected program, there is no foreseen additional cost. If your child is not currently a participant in the B Connected program it is estimated there will not be a greater cost than $20.

Will the iPads be used in class all of the time? 

No. While they will be using it everyday in class, there will be other curriculum based learning experiences that will not require the use of an iPad. This might be the teaching and learning of handwriting and other hands-on activities.

Will the Year 3 teachers be prepared to implement the Anywhere, Anytime program in 2017?

Yes. The teachers will be participating in professional development specifically related to Anywhere, Anytime. Additionally, the teachers will be working with and supported by an ICT Specialist teacher and the Head of Curriculum. Anywhere, Anytime will be monitored and adjusted as required to ensure success.

Will the Year 3 booklist be modified because of Anywhere, Anytime? 

Yes. The booklist will be modified as the iPad can substitute other items previously required.

Will my child still participate in reading and writing without technology? 

Yes. There are some learning experiences that iPads cannot simply replace.

Can I use another mobile device or laptop other than an iPad?

No. Anytime, Anywhere or B Connected cannot successfully operate under a multi-platform environment and is not supported by the school infrastructure. iPads have been and will continue to be the required device at Bounty Boulevard State School which supports consistency in student learning.

Is Anywhere, Anytime program replacing the BConnected program?

No. B Connected will still continue to operate across all other cohorts in 2017.

List of Apps for 2017

Mandatory Apps for the Whole School

  • Notability
  • Word Processing - Pages/Word
  • Creating Presentations - Keynote/PowerPoint
  • Calculator
  • Explain Everything
  • Learning Tools
  • iBooks
  • Mathletics Student
  • QR Code Reader
  • iTunes U
  • See Saw
  • iMovie
  • ClickView
  • Book Creator
  • Number Line
  • Dictionary
  • Showbie
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