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Student Leadership at Bounty

Student Leadership at Bounty Boulevard State School play an important part in the lives of all of the students at Bounty. Our student leaders are the 'voice of the students'. All Year 6 students are classified as student leaders. This year, the student leaders are under the direction of Nadine Male. So far, the student leaders have raised over $5000 which has gone towards generous donations outside of the school along with improvements for the students within the school. The school leaders also donated over $6000 towards the improvement of shade structures within the school.

In Year 5, students have the opportunity to earn their leadership accreditation. This means that they have to complete a booklet about why they would be a good school leader and have different sections endorsed by staff members, their parents and even members of the community. All students who successfully complete their accreditations in Year 5 receive a leadership certificate. Students who wish to gain a classified school leader's position in Year 6, must then have an interview by staff at the school along with the current school captains.

Students then participate in speech writing workshops and then present their speeches to staff and students of the school. Staff and students then vote for their preferred candidate to be school captains for the following year.

Student leader nominees then form the 'cabinet'. Student leaders are then assigned a ministry as their portfolio for the year. These student leaders then run their ministries which comprises of Year 6 students with an interest in that particular area. The student leaders then meet on a fortnightly basis to report to the other students what their ministry is doing around the school. The school leaders also meet with the Administration of the school on a monthly basis.

Ministries for 2015 include:

Sport, Behaviour, ICT, Performing Arts, Ministry of the Minds, Student Affairs, Cultural Ministry and the Art Ministry.

School Leaders for 2015 are:

School Captains - Zachary S and Jayde W

School Vice-Captains - Angus C and Joelie P

School Leaders - Lucia A, Amelia C, Carys C, Morgan L, Elizabeth P, Mia Wa., Mia Wo., Blake C, Kane G, Peter S, Liam S

House Captains - Ryan C and Sarah K (Altair), Macy H and Samantha V (Mira), Brooke J and Amity L (Regulus), Sophie T (Vega).