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​Reporting is part of communicating with parents and building the school parent partnership to improve student learning.

At Bounty Boulevard State School a summative report card is issued twice a year as aligned to the Assessment and Reporting policy of the Department of Education and Training. These report student achievement for each learning area studied in the reporting period. Student effort and behaviour is also reported. An interim progress report is issued at the end of term 1. 

Students in years 3 and 5 also receive a written NAPLAN report in semester 2, after testing is undertaken in the second week of May.

In addition to providing written reports, our school offers parents opportunities to discuss their child’s educational performance at the school with their child’s teacher(s), at least twice a year.

Teachers judge the quality of student achievement using specified standards. On-balance judgments are made using assessment evidence to award an overall level of achievement in the learning area at the end of a reporting period, that is, how well the student has met those elements of the achievement standard that have been taught and assessed during the reporting period. 

A level of achievement is then awarded using a five-point scale (A–E or equivalent depending on the year level). Diagnostic assessments also provide age-based-standards to contribute to teacher’s judgment of performance as they indicate whether the student is performing: at, below or above his/her same-aged peers.

Students are assessed and reported against the achievement standard for the year level curriculum they are taught. Students who receive highly focused and intensive teaching within a unit of work, or a particular aspect of a learning area, are still assessed and reported against their year level achievement standard for that learning area. 

Students provided a different year level curriculum than their age cohort, for particular learning areas (as identified in their individual learning plan) are assessed and reported against the achievement standards for the year level curriculum they are taught.