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Our vision for learning at Bounty Boulevard State School is built around innovation and best practice in 5 key areas:

  1. Learning spaces – where and when students learn.
  2. Curriculum – what students learn and how learning is assessed and reported.
  3. Pedagogy - the professional practice of teachers.
  4. Relationships – the ways in which members of the school community work together.
  5. Values – the ideals underpinning our working and learning.

These key areas are delivered through 'Learning, Love and Laughter', our school motto, signifying an effort to bring us together to do our best for our young people and link learning, values, care and a desire to lead happy fulfilling lives.

At the centre of our vision are the students, signifying our efforts to create a personalised, supportive learning environment which values individual needs, interests and learning styles, cultural diversity, prior knowledge and understanding and supports students to identify and achieve high standards of success.

School objectives

Across these 5 areas exist particular school objectives, including:

  • a unique teaching pedagogy based on individual pathways for each learner, where the teacher is the learning guide, supporting students to demonstrate accountability for their learning through discussions of their learning goals and achievements to a timeline
  • new ways of working and learning across all subject areas, including utilising digital technologies to demonstrate student learning
  • rigorous, on-going student assessment based on demonstrated consistent learning achievements in a variety of settings and over time
  • high standards in literacy and numeracy
  • flexible learning spaces, allowing students to negotiate when, where and how they learn depending on their needs, interests, learning styles and goals
  • students who value lifelong learning and are engaged in a global community
  • strong links between home, school and the greater community.​