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Rule Reminders for Before and After School – Waiting Areas


​Parents and carers, the purpose of this communication is to clarify expectations of behaviour when waiting in the school grounds before and after school. At the moment, there are many students who are playing under the supervision of parents before and after school. At Bounty Boulevard State School, we offer supervised waiting areas in the Middle Years Undercover Area (Yr 3-6 from 8:00 – 8:35) and the Prep Undercover Area/Hall (Prep – Yr 2 8:20 – 8:50). As our school grows, we understand that parents and carers wait in other areas around the school which provide adequate seating arrangements. If parents and carers choose to wait in these areas, all children must be standing or sitting with an adult and not running around playing games. The two main reasons for this are so that children are safe. Secondly, instruction time for Years 3-6 children has already started.

After school, students from Years 3-6 must go directly home or wait in the Middle Years Undercover Area/Front Carpark Area. We have had cases where students are playing games and running around outside classrooms when the lower school are still participating in learning. This is distracting for our lower school students. If students are waiting with an adult, they must sit or stand with that adult and not be running around, playing games or playing on their iPad.

Finally, once the bell rings for 3:00, all students from across the school are not to be using the playgrounds around the school. Once again, this is for the safety of the children of students at our school. We ask parents and carers to ensure that children they are collecting are waiting with them as it can be a very chaotic time for all families with a school of our size.

We ask parents and carers for their support into ensuring that they follow these rules and expectations for our students so that Bounty Boulevard State School can remain a safe and supportive learning environment. If staff at the school approach you and redirect your child back to a parent, please know this is being done so that children can be safe in our school. We expect parents to support staff in this situation as outlined in the following points as part of the enrolment agreement of our school:

·         Treat school staff with respect and tolerance

·         Support the authority and discipline of the school enabling your child to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-control

·         Abide by school’s policy regarding access to school grounds before, during and after school hours.

If any parents and carers require further clarification about this information, please do not hesitate in contacting members of the Administration Team.