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Have Your Say! - Changing the Beginning and Finishing Times Survey

​This year, the school looked at the idea of switching start and finish times. We will not be implementing this change, even as a trial, for Term 4.  As a school, we are seeking feedback from the parents and carers of Bounty Boulevard State School around this decision.
To add further context around this, it has been noted by the school administration that with the current set-up, students from Years 3-6 who have been given the added responsibility of taking their younger siblings to school or arriving to school with their younger siblings are arriving to their classrooms late.
If the times were flipped, students from Years 3-6 would be able to support their younger brothers and sisters by walking them to class if required and then move to a supervised area, resulting in students from the upper school arriving to class on time and not missing that crucial transition at the beginning of the day. Also, it is important to note that a lot of younger children could then be picked up earlier which would allow for a smoother traffic flow earlier in the afternoon compared to when the older, more independent children are leaving school after 3:00pm.
For our younger students, appropriate measures to support the younger children at the end of the day would include separate pick-up and waiting zone for our Prep students and our Year 1&2 students. Our Prep students would still be supervised in the classrooms at the conclusion of the day for parental pick-up and after 3:00pm, alternate supervision would be provided for the remaining children. Likewise, the Year 1 and 2 children that required additional supervision after 2:45 (maybe from an older sibling for a pick-up) would be provided this to ensure that they are safe and remain on school grounds.
These processes would be implemented through thorough consultation with the staff and parents.
As the older students of our school are more independent and can often travel to and from school by themselves, this would mean that at 3:00, these students could go straight home at the conclusion of school.
The school administration acknowledges that with this significant change, pick-up and drop-off routines would need to be changed which is why this would be fully implemented in 2018 and not as previously communicated through a trial basis in Term 4 of this year.
With this knowledge, please complete the following one question survey here by clicking this link and complete the survey by Friday 8th of September.