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B Connected 2016


​Parents and Carers, B Connected for 2016 is very much going ahead in 2016. There are some changes to the program for 2016. More information will be released about the program over the school holidays. Until then, I have set up an FAQ section to address questions and queries that have already been asked of staff this year. Thanks to all parents and carers for their patience as this information is being rolled out across the school.

What is B Connected?

The B Connected program provides an opportunity for Bounty students to use their own Apple iPad whilst at school to create rich digital content and access digital resources to support their learning.

Why is B Connected available at Bounty?

B Connected aligns with the eLearning strategy at Bounty Boulevard State School, that is, for students to be engaged in a connected learning environment, which promotes digital literacies, higher order thinking skills, problem solving, collaboration, creativity and self-reflection. The program provides a seamless learning environment in which students are able to utilise digital technologies to support and demonstrate learning whilst at school and at home.

Who can participate?

The program is open to all students at Bounty Boulevard State School.

How has the program changed from the last 2 years? Will there be B Connected classes anymore?

Every class is a B Connected class. In the last two years, there have been B Connected classes where every single student participated in the BYOD program. There were other classes where students participated in the BYOD program, however, not all of their fellow class mates may have had an iPad.

In 2016, every single class is a B Connected class. This means that all students are invited to bring their iPads as part of their learning. As a school, we have committed to this program with ongoing professional development provided for our teachers to equip them with the skills to be able to deliver digital pedagogy for our 21st Century Learners. Like our students, our staff are at varying levels of expertise. These areas will be targeted as part of the school’s commitment to our staff’s Developing Performance Plans.

Is this a backward step in the program and the use of iPads across the school?

Absolutely not. In actual fact, this is an exciting new phase. By providing excellent professional development opportunities for our staff, we as a school are determined to have staff with excellent skills in digital pedagogy. For the students who have been a part of the program previously, they will still be bringing their device into school to use. Class to class will differ in how they use specific apps. This is the next step in the implementation of mobile devices into the school for our students.

What if I do not provide an iPad for my child?

Bounty Boulevard State School has invested in purchasing iPads for our students to use, even if they do not have their own. We do not have enough iPads for all of our children who do not have one. We are increasing our fleet of iPads every year. We will seek opportunities for all of our students to be able to engage with the use of iPads within the school.

What devices can be used?

Apple iPads are the only devices that can be used in the B Connected program. The reason for the selection is the Department of Education and Training (DET) supports this platform. DET’s wireless infrastructure in schools has been configured to accommodate Apple’s mobile devices. The devices also do not present a security risk to Bounty’s network infrastructure.

Is there a recommend device?

The response to this question could change yearly as technology changes. Bounty Boulevard State School currently recommends the iPad Air 2 wifi for the following reasons;

  • One swipe and the iPad is on and ready for an app to be opened.

  • Wireless access to DET’s filtered Managed Internet Service.

  • A wide range of drill and practice, reference and content creation apps to support all areas of the curriculum.

  • Students are able to create a diverse range of high quality digital content with very little training in the use of the applications.

  • The device is lightweight and portable.

What about the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini?

The iPad Pro is a larger device, therefore, we would encourage students to have the smaller iPad Air 2 to use. As for the iPad Mini, they are allowed to be used. The surface area of the iPad Air 2 is larger though which we have found is better suited for the students.

What accessories should I buy?

The best accessory that you can buy for your child’s iPad is a suitable case that will prevent the rigors of schooling life.

When and how will students be using the device at Bounty?

The device is to be used only in the classroom and Learning Innovation Centre (LIC) during learning sessions. Students will require permission from the classroom teacher to use the iPad during play breaks. It is expected that students will use their device for a range of purposes throughout all the stages of learning, such as planning, researching or finding information, creating, sharing and reflecting. It is not expected that the device will be constant use. It would be expected that the student and teacher negotiate how the device could be used to enrich a learning experience.

Are there specific apps required on the device?

A list of recommended Apps will be released over the 2015-2016 Christmas Holidays. This is being re-structured from previous years and will be set up for specific year levels and topics. This will then provide parents with guidance around what apps students require on their iPads for 2016.

How will I know that the iPad portal has been updated?

When the iPads portal has been updated over the school holidays, information will be posted on the website, school sign, Twitter, P&C Facebook as avenues of communication to begin with.

Who is responsible for the device?

The student at all times is responsible for the device. As part of  the B Connected Student Participation Agreement, the student who owns the device is the only student to use the device. Whilst not in use the device should be locked in the class storeroom.

Is my child allowed to share their iPad with other students, especially those who may not be part of the B Connected program?

Referring to the previous question, the student who owns the device is responsible for the device. Therefore, the answer is no. Students are not to share their iPads with other students. If they do this, it is in breach of the B Connected agreement.

Will my child be using the iPad every day?

It is expected that the children will bring their fully charged iPad to school every day. Different class teachers will use the iPads differently. All of our teachers are being provided with support and Professional Development sessions to support the use of iPads. Like our students, our staff members are on different journeys as they learn about iPads and how to use iPads within the school

What do I need to do for my child to participate in B Connected?

To participate in B Connected, parents/carers and the student are to sign the B Connected Student Participation Agreement for 2016. We ask parents/carers to discuss the participation agreement and the consequences for not adhering to the agreement. The B Connected Participation Agreement is returned to the office in the administration building at the start of 2016. Students are not entitled to use a personal Apple mobile device at school until the B Connected Student Participation Agreement has been signed and returned to the school office. The classroom teacher or a staff member will configure the B Connected Apple iPad to access wireless at Bounty Boulevard State School.

Where can I get technical support or assistance?

Apple provides complimentary telephone iPad technical support for 90 days from the date of purchase. This is an excellent resource to assist with setting up your iPad, purchasing apps and connecting the device to your home wireless network. Students are to inform their classroom teacher if they are unable to connect to the school wireless network. The classroom teacher will configure the B Connected Apple iPad to access wireless at Bounty Boulevard State School.

iPad Portal

Students are not expected to use all the apps within a school year, rather they have a choice of apps to support the learning process. The majority of recommendations are based on the student being able to use the app to create digital content through all the stages of learning, including planning, applying and reflecting.

B Connected Student Participation Agreement for 2016

The 2016 B Connected Student Participation Agreement is to be signed by a parent and student and returned to school prior to the approved technology being used at Bounty Boulevard State School.

General Use

1.    I understand it is recommended that I bring my iPad to school each day.

2.    I will ensure my iPad is charged at the beginning of each school day.

3.    I will leave my iPad charger at home unless directed to bring it to school under special circumstances.

4.    I understand that it is strongly recommended that the iPad has a robust protective case suitable for student use.

5.    I will keep food and drinks away from my iPad at school.

6.    I will only use my iPad. I do not have permission to use other student B Connected iPads.

7.    I will only use my iPad within the classroom whilst at school. I require permission from Bounty Boulevard State School staff to use my iPad at other locations within the school.

8.    I will immediately report any accidents or breakages to my parents and teachers.


1.    I will use the iPad only to support my school learning program whilst at Bounty Boulevard State School.

2.    I am not permitted to use the Internet at Bounty Boulevard State School to download non-learning related audio/video files, website content, programs and iTunes content. Accessing non-learning related audio/video files, websites and programs at Bounty Boulevard State School would result in the removal of my privileges to use the iPad at school for one week. The consequence for repetitively accessing non-learning audio/video files, websites and programs at Bounty Boulevard State School would be that the authorisation to use my iPad at school would be removed for a greater period of time.

3.    I am responsible to ensure my iPad is backed up.

Safety and Security

1.    Whilst at school, I will only connect my B Connected iPad to Education Queensland’s Managed Internet Service. I am not permitted to have a 3G or 4G service activated on my iPad whilst at school.

2.    Whilst at school, I will only go to websites, which support my learning activities.

3.    I will be cybersafe and cybersmart when using the Internet.

4.    I will demonstrate etiquette when using my iPad and other equipment with regard to other people.

5.    I will use the B Connected iPad lawfully and in accordance with the Appropriate Use/Behaviour of School Network guidelines regarding ethical use of equipment, technology, use of legal software, use of the Internet and the protection of personal data.

6.    For security reasons, I am not to share network account names and passwords with anyone unless requested by Bounty Boulevard State School staff.

7.    I am responsible for the security and use of the B Connected iPad whilst at Bounty Boulevard State School. A secure area will be provided to store my iPad during breaks.

8.    I understand if the above conditions are not followed, I will not be granted the authorisation to use my iPad at Bounty Boulevard State School for a minimum period of one week. I understand that if I regularly breach the

9.    B Connected Student Participation Agreement the authorisation to use my iPad at school would be removed for a greater period of time.