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After School Procedures: Years 3-6


​This is the content of a letter going home today to all students in Years 3-6.

Dear Parents / Carers of Year 3-6 Students,
The purpose of this letter is to inform you all of a change in procedures at 2:45pm. Currently, students are asked to wait in the Middle Years Undercover Area if they are waiting for brothers and sisters. Students who are travelling straight home have been asked to do so immediately so that it decreases the amount of foot traffic at 3:00pm. Students also are invited to wait in the supervised area at the front car park ready for collection between 2:45 – 3:00. At the moment the following is occurring across the school:
  • Students are playing in unsupervised areas, breaking the school expectation of games before and after school.
  • Students are waiting outside classrooms causing regular disturbances to students from Prep-Year 2 and their learning.
  • Students are hanging around inside the school grounds in unsupervised areas and not going directly home.
  • Students are playing games of handball throughout the school grounds along with playing on play equipment.
  • Students are late for pick-ups out the front of the school.
Therefore, as from Monday 9th May, students from Years 3-6 will be dismissed from the classroom in two different groups. The first group will be students who are travelling home directly. This includes students who are walking home, riding home, meeting their parents outside school grounds or waiting in the designated pick-up area. The second group will be the remainder of the students. These students as a group will be required to travel down to the Middle Years Undercover Area. Once the students are in this area, they will then sit and wait to be dismissed.
For students who are required to pick up siblings from other classes, they will be let go just prior to 3:00 and will walk to the appropriate classroom and wait quietly for their younger brother or sister (or pre-arranged other student pick-up). If parents or carers would like to pick their child up, parents and carers will be required to come to the Middle Years Undercover Area. Otherwise, children will be able to meet their parents and carers when they are dismissed just before 3:00pm or alternatively, move to Helping Hands and sign-in for the afternoon.
Students are asked not to pre-arrange meeting points across the school at 2:45 with their parents and carers. Students must only leave the Middle Years Undercover Area under the supervision of an adult.
The two main reasons for this change in procedure is to ensure:
1.       Children who are on school property from Years 3-6 are safe and fully supervised by the school.
2.       To ensure that quality learning can occur from Prep – Year 2.
Next week, this may take some time to implement the new changes. Children will be reminded about these expectations on assembly and through discussions with class teachers. After next week, students who are not following this directive will be in breach of the Bounty Boulevard State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.
We thank all parents and carers in advance for supporting this measure taken by the school to ensure that we continue to strive for a safe and supportive school environment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Mr Mark Wrigley or Mr Liam Hackwood.
Mr Liam Hackwood – Deputy Principal – Year 2&3                        Mr Mark Wrigley – Deputy Principal – Years 4-6